Inspired about how you can help people in Latvia, but stuck for creative ideas on how to do it?

Check out our A-Z of fundraising ideas.

This list is not exhaustive, the ideas will take you as far as your imagination allows.

A - Auction of items or promises; Antiques fair; Art exhibition.

B - BBQ; Bike ride; Book sale.

C - Cookery lessons; Car boot sale; Coffee morning; Comedy Evening; Cake Sale.

D - Dress down day at work; Disco; Dog walking; Duck Race.

E - Easter ball; Egg hunt; Eighties night.

F - Fancy dress party; Football match; Fashion show; Face painting.

G - Games evening; Garden party.

H - House party; Head shaving.

I - International Theme Night.

J - Jumble sale.

K - Karaoke night.

L - Leg wax (for men).

M - Music evening; Masked ball; Murder mystery evening.

N - Netball tournament.

O - Outdoor pursuits; online auctions.

P - Party; Pub quiz; pampering party.

Q - Quiz night.

R - Raffle.

S - Sponsored event; Skiing; Swimming gala; Scrabble competition; Silent auction.

T - Treasure hunt; Talent show; Tombola; Tea party; Television Theme Night.

U - Ultimate challenge (e.g. Sky Dive, Bungee jump).

V - Variety show.

W - Walking; Wine-tasting evening.

X - Xmas ball; Xmas drinks.

Y - Yoga.

Z - Zorbing.

Whatever it is you decide to do, remember to have a lot of fun!