In the past we have run Christmas Appeals to raise funds for specific needs like Christmas Hampers, or a chilled food storage container, but this year we decided we want to make our focus on increasing the number of families and young people we can support in 2017. So this Christmas we are asking people to consider sending a donation that we can put to good work over the next 12 months. The requests for help are always there in Latvia, perhaps this year you can help us say yes to another family and see the cycle of poverty broken for them.

Why would we ask this? Let me tell you Vera’s story

Vera lives in a dilapidated wooden block of flats in central Riga. The flat only has two rooms. There is not toilet in the flat, just a communal one shared by all the other residents in the block at the end of the corridor. There is a hole in the roof above this toilet so Vera tells us when it is raining you get wet. There is no running water in Vera’s flat and in this tiny two room (a ‘kitchen’ and then a lounge/bedroom) flat she is trying to raise her four children and her grand-daughter.

So. as you begin all your Christmas preparations, the shopping, the meals, the family to visit, the cards to write, presents to wrap, would you also give consideration to sending a Christmas donation towards our work in Latvia?

Thank you for considering how you can support us.

May you and your loved ones have a blessed festive season!